Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Cover Reveal: Red Stiletto Strategy

Today, I’m thrilled to be hosting the cover reveal for the Red Stiletto Strategy, by author & historian, Hunter S. Jones.

Publication Date 12th October 2017
ebook available to pre-order here
Genre: Historical Fiction

Born to an alcoholic, single mother in Texas, Luckie Stratton learns from a young age to keep her distance, avoiding getting close to anyone. She moves to LA as a young film actress, becomes enchanted by a swarthy English gentleman and flies to London in 1940 to join his secret British spy elites. The seductive blonde becomes an undercover assassin.

Armed with her charm, a switchblade and a Derringer, this femme fatale never fails her mission. Disguised as an anxious wife waiting for her British ‘husband’ to return from battle proves to be irresistible bait to Nazi covert operatives.

Tonight, she has a date with destiny.
Her newest lover is revealed as a double agent and she is given a Code Red: Order to Execute. But, the unexpected appearance of a handsome RAF pilot makes her lose her focus…her target…and betray her command.

Knowing the consequences of failure will make you either the hunter or the prey.

About the Author

DHunter-HeadColorDeb Hunter writes as Hunter S. Jones. She is passionate about the history of romance, science and music, a.k.a. sex, drugs and rock & roll. She has a popular history blog, and is the author of the bestselling Anne Boleyn story, Phoenix Rising and is a historian for Past Preservers Casting.

When she isn’t writing, talking or tweeting about kings, queens and rock stars, she’s living the dream in Atlanta, Georgia with her Scottish born husband. The WW2 short story, Red Stiletto Strategy, will be released on Amazon later in October. Look for Sexuality and Its Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare to be launched in March 2018. It is her first collection of historical essays, and she is delighted to work with the talented team of Emma Haddon-Wright, Annie Whitehead, Jessica Cale, Samantha Wilcoxon, Judith Arnopp, Gayle Hulme, and Dr. Beth Lynne. To find out more, visit Hunter S. Jones’s website.

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